The mind is the target.
the heart is the bullseye.

People think in stories

A story goes where bulleted lists and bar-graph analysis can not enter: our hearts.

The power of a compelling story is profound: it can help you connect with and move your audience, and make your content more memorable. Stories stir up emotions and break through the white noise of instant information that inundates our world. While data and concepts can persuade, they do not inspire like human connection. Let me show you how storytelling can help you.


Press releases, printed brochures, magazines, speech writing, and proposals. Any writing can succeed or fail based largely on the power of your storytelling.


Blogs help to personalize your company and the products and services that you offer, which in turn increases the value of your organization in the eyes of your customers.

Social Media

Social media allows you to discuss your business in a fun way and engage your customers personally, making a valuable emotional connection to your brand.

Web Content

Web content should not just reach your audience, it should connect with them personally.

For some recent samples of my storytelling, visit my Travel Blog:

Southeast Asia and Other Destinations


I recognize the power of stories to pacify, unite, inspire, and spark action.

Through an early love affair with literature, I discovered my creative talent with storytelling, which led me to an education in Journalism.

Although creativity reigned, I could not ignore my analytical side - and a love for metrics, science fiction, and technology - which resulted in an honours degree in computer science.

I now sit in an X-Y intersect of concrete yet creative. I use my creativity and emotion to craft powerful, clear, and compelling stories, and my hi-tech skills to determine how to apply those stories to an overall digital strategy.

I use an innate understanding of people, audience and language to aesthetically adapt and transform data into captivating content that resonates.
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