Tattoos? Yes, please.

I tire of hearing people ask me “why on earth” I have tattoos. I generally dislike the question as it tends to feel a bit judgy, but I do understand the curiosity about decisions that are so different from what we would choose.

Culturally speaking, tattoos are fascinating, and you really can’t get a more tangible form of self-expression than applying permanent pigment onto your body. There is also some appeal of control, control over your own body through indelible personal transformation. The permanence of tattoos gives such deep meaning to significant moments and feelings and people in our lives. Not to mention the inherent scoffing of the delusion of conformity.

My best answer when asked is this: People spend thousands of dollars to hang art on the walls of their home. I choose to carry that art around with me everywhere I go. (Photos below)

I am an artist of sorts myself. I write, I create. And I suffer from the same eccentricities as most creative-types. For me, that comes out in a rebellious spirit and hunger for originality. Combine that inner rebel, the need to be different, the denial of conformity, and there’s no surprise  I collect tattoos.

My tattoos are hidden most of the time. I work in a corporate setting where it can be tough enough being a woman, never mind a tattooed one. But given the chance, I bare my art with great pride. I’ve spent a lot of time (and a lot of pain) on this art, and my tattooist is an amazing artist. It all has great meaning to me, and although I”m now over 40, I’m sure I’m not yet done with my body art.

My art is all Japanese Buddhism-based. I love the stories, culture, harmonious peace, and acceptance of personal flaws in Japanese Buddhism, which led me to this direction for my art. It all tells a story, which I prefer to tell in person. If you meet me one day, feel free to ask. 🙂






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