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Southern California Coast – La ...

Southern California Coast – La Jolla, Newport Beach, Santa Monica

This blog post is just going to be mostly photos with some explanations, as I am just way to busy right now to write up a full blog post. I will do so, along with where we ate, some tips, etc. as soon as I have some more time.

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Thailand – One Night in Bangkok...

Thailand – One Night in Bangkok (or Three)

I had a pretty good sleep on the train from the south, despite the bugs. It was sad to be leaving the beauty of southern Thailand, and sad that our trip was coming to an end. At the same time, we were excited to experience Bangkok, and also excited to go home. Sometimes there really […]

Thailand – Kanchanaburi and The...


  Kanchanaburi was probably one of our top stops on this trip. Full of emotion, from extreme sorrow to comforting peace, visiting bridges, giant trees, waterfalls, and amazing Wats, we were grateful to have spent three days exploring this area.   We left Kao Yai early in the morning, catching a lift from our guides to the […]

St. Mark’s Summit Hike – ...


Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction. ~ E. O. Wilson We decided to do an early morning hike we have never done before, so we headed to Cypress Mountain on the North Shore, a local ski mountain in the winter. It is about a 30 minute drive from […]

Thailand – Railay Beach

Thailand – Railay Beach

  We were excited to leave crappy Tonsai beach today for the more beautiful Railay. We decided not to wait for a longtail boat (it could be hours before there were enough people to fill it, and we didn’t want to pay the full boat price) and instead walk over the cliff path. I was […]

Thailand – Tonsai Beach

Thailand – Tonsai Beach

This post is going to be mostly photos, because my friends are bugging me to see the photos and I don’t have any time to do any writing to go along with them at present. I’ll try to come back here and post more details, if you are travelling to the are and have any […]

Playa del Carmen


Sneak Peek! Playa del Carmen, Mexico. My second home. I have some great articles about Mexico coming soon! Check back.

Thailand – Trekking in Kao Yai ...

Thailand – Trekking in Kao Yai National Park

We were up early in the morning to catch the 6am train to Pak Chong where we would be picked up by the hotel/trekking company we had booked with for our trek into the National Forest. It was just starting to get light out when we arrived at the station. Trains started arriving and many […]

Thailand – Ayutthaya, the Forme...

Thailand – Ayutthaya, the Former Capital of Siam

Note: The blogs of this trip probably won’t be as detailed anymore. It is taking too long for me to finish and get them posted! We left Siem Reap on a mid-morning flight, headed to Ayutthaya (pronounced eye-YOO-tee-ah) by way of a train from Bangkok airport. Ayutthuya lies about 85 km north of Bangkok. Founded around […]