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Northern Oregon and Ocean Shores

We got in our gypsy Caravan for the May long weekend and decided to head south to Oregon and see where our path took us. I’m not going to write too much this time, I’m going to leave it to the photos to tell the story (mostly because I’m too busy to tell it myself right now!)

First stop, Hug Point on the Oregon Coast


We’ve been to the Oregon coast a billion times, yet never stopped at this particular beach. I don’t know why, but I can’t wait to show the kids next time we bring them down the coast. It has all these cool little inlets, with caves inside the looming cliffs and seabirds everywhere.




Moses trying to part the waters:


It was pretty cold and wet, so we thought we’d head back up north a bit and see if we couldn’t find some sun or at least less cold.

Here’s a look at our gypsy Caravan (it actually is a Dodge Caravan..heh.)

It looks so messy here, but it really is organized as much as it can be in that small space.


Lots of room for sleeping! And it’s a really good foam mattress, so comfy as ever. And dry!


Crossing into Washington, the weather wasn’t looking promising:


Moses really likes having the bed back there, as he can sit and watch the world go by out the window. (Doesn’t he sit funny? On his bum like a human!)



Our next stop was at Cape Disappointment, and it didn’t disappoint:



The Cape has a loop that takes you around the point, with lots of opportunities for hiking at any level. There are two really great lighthouses to see, plus lots of viewing of the beaches and oceans.

Our next stop was a bit more north at Ocean Shores, a small peninsula on the Southern Washington coast. We found a campsite at the State Park, and the sites were quite nice. Private, good facilities, steps from the beach, and ours had lots of sun.

We first drove to one of the local beaches at the end of the peninsula where the park ranger said we could search for agates. We spend a few hours here sitting and combing the beaches, and did find a couple of small agates.


The beach steps from our campsite was expansive and gorgeous. You can drive on it! We saw lots of horses and small mopeds on the beach as well.



The walkway to the beach from our campsite included a walk through this lovely little field of yellow irises and over this brook.




Then you arrive at this gorgeous spectacle:


Another good trip! Moses really enjoyed getting out of the city where he could run free and crazy and dig and eat dead crabs, like a wild dog. He also liked relaxing on the beach. Dogs really have that “living in the moment” thing down pat, you know?



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  1. May 21, 2015    

    Wow! I absolutely love your photographs – it was like flipping through a beautiful coffee table book. The Oregon Coast is on my list of places to visit now.

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