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Thailand – Tonsai Beach

This post is going to be mostly photos, because my friends are bugging me to see the photos and I don’t have any time to do any writing to go along with them at present. I’ll try to come back here and post more details, if you are travelling to the are and have any questions in the meantime, just ask in the comments below and I’ll answer.

We landed from the overnight train (sorry…haven’t posted that story yet, we’re out of order now!) in Suranthani. After some running around and ripoffs, we found ourselves on a crazy three hour van ride to Krabi. We weren’t originally headed to Krabi, but that’s where they dropped us. We were dumped on a street not even knowing what town we were in. We ran around a bit trying to find someone who spoke English, found out where we were, and just decided to go to Tonsai Beach and get a hotel instead of trying to get to where we were SUPPOSED to be, which, as it turned out, was another three hours away. GRR!


Anyone for a “shutter bus”?

We found our way to Ao Nang and found the longtail boats. For $10 we were soon loaded into a boat with some other waiting passengers, and off we went through the Andaman Sea on our way to Tonsai, only reachable by boat.


Ao Nang Beach




Arriving at Tonsai Beach – it was a 10 minute boat ride.

tonsai-6530 tonsai-6532 tonsai-6535

We stayed at a Muslim-owned hotel on Tonsai, which meant no alcohol was sold there. This is a really small place with about five little “hut” hippy hotels. Ours was a few steps up from the rest, with a nice pool, etc. but the rooms weren’t so great, and the owners and employees not too friendly. We still enjoyed relaxing by the pool. It was about a five minute walk to the beach, which can be hard in 37 degree heat, as coming back was up hill. And the beach on Tonsai wasn’t that great, lots of garbage everywhere, so we mostly spent the next three days at the hotel pool.


Garbage everywhere. It was a dump, and smelled bad.


The cliffs really are amazing. You can see Tonsai beach is a bit rocky, it is narrow, and right at the tree line is all the garbage.

tonsai-6590 tonsai-6615 tonsai-6577


This plumber had some issues. An angled toilet beside the door??

One day by the pool, this guy came to visit and steal someone’s pineapple drink. Nice teeth! I didn’t get that close, I used a telephoto.

asia-81 asia-80

There is a path through the cliffs that lead from Tonsai to neighbouring Railay Beach. We found it on our last day at Tonsai, and were very happy to meet with Railay Beach where we would be spending our next four days. This was a MUCH MUCH nicer beach. It was wide, the sand was whiter and more soft, and the water even seemed more turquoise.


We returned to Tonsai happy to be heading to Railay in the morning. We decided we would just walk over with our packs, leaving early morning so as not to be hiking the trail in the heat. Turned out we really wished we had just paid for a longtail boat!


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